Saturday, February 27, 2010

Library & Zoo Week

This week we introduced Haylee to the library. Wonderful idea. I just wish we would have done it months ago. I love our library's kid section. Lot's of books, a play kitchen, puppet show area, movie time and a 2 story castle. Haylee's in heaven. So far we've been there twice this week and I'm thinking about taking her once a week for story time and then to play.

Haylee and I went to the zoo again yesterday. I want to enjoy this nice weather and my Haylee-Mommy time while it lasts. It seems the 2 will end about the same time and life around here will be a little more hectic. Yesterday was the perfect day to go to the zoo. The lions, wild dogs, leopards, and the bears were all awake and wandering around which was a surprise since they are usually sleeping or hiding everytime we go. The bears were "putting on a show" to say the least. If you ask Haylee she'll say they were doing "piggy back rides and bear hugs." We'll leave it at that-naughty bears! Haylee was also excited that she got to feed a squirrel. She had a piece of popcorn in her hand and he grabbed it with his little paw and put it in his mouth.

This past week has been busier than usual and I have enjoyed it. Next week I have one of my final ortho. appointments before I get my braces off. Then we have a baby appointment to check on Natalee. Saturday I'm a vendor at a local craft show so I've been finishing last minute projects and getting ready for that. Busy seems to be the word around here and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon!