Monday, February 22, 2010

Haylee doesn't like dog kisses!

We've had a busy week this past week. Monday, my mom took off work so me and Haylee were out shopping with her all day. It was such a beautiful day and we got some wonderful deals. We met Josh for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and Haylee was so excited to see him. We left the house before 8am and didn't get home till after 5pm so I was exhausted!

Wednesday and Thursday were appointment days. Dentist for me and Josh Wednesday and baby appointment Thursday. We took Haylee with us to the baby appointment this time because it was a simple appointment with no ultrasounds, blood work or exams. She wasn't so sure watching the doctor measure me and listen to the heart beat but afterwards she told me "the doctor put soap (gel) all over my belly and..." The happiest news was that all my blood work came back normal! No gestational diabetes, anemia, or thyroid issues. I gained a whole pound in 2 weeks so I have now gained 23 lbs. That's 4 lbs. more than I had gained with Haylee at this point in the pregnancy. I feel a lot bigger this time too! I measured right on track, and the doctor said I'm carrying low and all out front. I'm just glad my little girl is doing great!

Friday Haylee went to Grandma's to play with Hannah for a couple hours while Josh and I watched a movie at home. Saturday morning we took our Teacher Kits down to Treasures 4 Teachers as part of our "give a day, get a day" to Disneyland. I'm so glad we could help teachers out with school supplies they need. That night we took Haylee to the Todd Oliver "Dogs Gone Wild" show. When I had bought the ticket months ago I was under the impression it was more of a show where the dogs do tricks. Turns out, Todd Oliver is a ventriloquist and the dogs "talk." It was still funny but I think Haylee was a little disappointed that they weren't running around dancing and doing tricks. When the show was over the dogs came out into the lobby and Haylee got her picture with them. That made her day! Until Irving licked her that is.

And these are Haylee's funny dress up pictures of the week! Keep in mind, these are put together completely by her.


The Gotzingers said...

She's such a doll. :o)