Sunday, February 14, 2010

All You Need Is Love

We celebrated Valentine's Day all weekend! I know the holiday is overrated, but it was more for Haylee this year since she was aware of the holiday and talked about it all the time thanks to all her shows having Valentine's Day specials.

Friday me and Haylee made cookies for Haylee to give out to her friend Jake, her Daddy, Grandma and Hannah. She did really good helping me roll the dough and make fun cookies with cookie cutters. That afternoon, we went next door so she could exchange Valentine gifts with Jake. She hasn't seen him for awhile so she had a fun time playing with him. She told me before we went over there that she wanted to go upstairs and read books and play with his tiger and elephant. That night Josh and I took Haylee to see Princess and the Frog since she's been wanting to see it for awhile. Again, she sat through the whole movie and loved it. She danced along to the music and ate her popcorn. I absolutely love taking her to the movies now that she sits and watches the entire movie.

(Haylee and Jake)

Saturday, after making me and Haylee a yummy breakfast, Josh ran to pick up my prescription for me and came home with flowers for me and Haylee. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and Haylee loved getting her own. That night Josh and I went out to dinner at Outback (where I got the yummy teriyaki sirloin) and then we went to see Valentine's Day which was an okay movie, nothing special, but we enjoyed our time out together.

Today, Josh made us breakfast again. I could get use to this! We gave Haylee a little bucket with a Chipmunks coloring book, a Princess shirt, and a few other little things along with 3 balloons. She was very happy and has been walking around the house all day with her balloons. Haylee gave Daddy his handmade card, picture frame with a picture of the 2 of them, and the cookies she made for him. I got a card from my little girl and one from my wonderful husband along with 2 Target gift cards. Josh and I always agree not to buy each other anything because we always go out and that's enough. However, Josh never seems to listen always does something to make me feel special.

(I just absolutely love this picture)