Monday, January 11, 2010

Special Visit

Josh's Dad Jim, and his step mom Kris came into town this weekend. We always enjoy spending time with them and were able to all day Saturday.

This is Jim with his AZ Grandkids.

and the whole bunch who met for lunch.

Haylee (wearing her Snow White costume of course) loves her Papa.

We had a wonderful weekend. We worked on our rearranging "project" upstairs and relaxed a little. These past few days and nights have become extremely frustrating to Josh and I because Haylee has started playing games at bedtime. For 4 weeks she has went to bed fine every night in her big girl bed (the crib we converted to a toddler bed). But all of the sudden she'll think of every excuse to get out of bed and she'll start crying and screaming. Her excuses are getting better each day. At nap today she came out twice. Once because her belly hurt and once because she wanted to brush her teeth. Usually it's, "I have to go pee pee and poo poo" or "My boogie running" or "I need my blanket on." She even freaks out if I leave the book I read at bedtime in her room. I have to take that out too. I had had enough the other night and I put the gate up because she kept getting out. Well, she just climbed right over it, 2 times. So much for that idea. I think it's funny now though because everytime we put her in bed she'll make sure we close her door and put the gate up, if not, she'll cry that the gates not up. It's very frustrating! I thought maybe she was afraid of the dark so I offered to leave a night light on or her closet light on but she doesn't want it on. I keep telling myself, "this too shall pass" but if it doesn't pass soon enough I think I'll go crazy. I'm calling Super Nanny.