Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Week

I actually survived last week, I didn't think I would. With Haylee's sleep schedule being totally turned around and my nights spent tucking Haylee back into bed 10 times, I thought I'd go insane. I came to the conclusion that she is just scared of her new room and needs time to adjust. When I tuck her back into bad in the middle of the night I just cover her up and sit on the floor until she falls back asleep. Just having someone in her room is what she wants. We don't have to be touching her or sleeping in bed with her, just be in there. Hopefully she'll adjust soon and I won't have to resort to locking her in her room. Right now that might scare her more.

Also, she started getting a cold early last week which might be the cause of all the night time waking. It got so bad that she was coughing literally every 5 minutes Friday night so we took her to the doctor Saturday. She has an ear infection and a bad cough and she definitely feels horrible. On Saturday she didn't want to do anything except lay around and she even fell asleep laying with Josh twice. I think this might be the sickest she has been. Not only is her cough continuous, her nose is constantly running and she's sneezing like crazy too. She's just miserable. I am happy to say that at 7:30 yesterday morning I heard, "Mom, can I please get out of bed?" Ah, the old familiar sound. She stayed in her bed all night, never came out even once. Thank you cough medicine with codeine. Now if only it will last. Only time will tell.

While dealing with sleeping problems last week, I took Haylee's beloved Snow White dress away hoping that would make her stay in bed. She was having major withdrawals and had to resort to a made up Tinkerbell costume. I had dressed her in this Tinkerbell shirt and pants and she came out of her room looking like this...

She is always cracking me up.

On Wednesday, we took Haylee to Disney On Ice. We had a wonderful time. I remember when Josh & I would go before we even had Haylee because I've always loved everything Disney and I love ice skating too. I'd say, "I can't wait till we bring our children here and get them light up toys, cotton candy and snow cones." So it's so much fun to take Haylee now and see her face light up when all her favorite characters come out. There will be another Disney On Ice coming in April and we got our tickets for that too!

I might have mentioned this before, but I still get a kick out of Haylee when I find her sitting in the computer chair messing with the mouse and I ask her what she's doing. She responds, "checking my email and my blog." Wonder where she learned that.

Friday night we went to Justin (Josh's little brother) and Cami's wedding reception. They were married in Washington last month but were having a reception here for all Justin's AZ family and friends. They are such a cute couple and I love how happy and in love newlyweds are. It's crazy to think Josh and I will have been married 7 years this May. Life now is way different from those days when Josh and I could go out whenever and do whatever we wanted. I sometimes miss those days but I wouldn't trade the life I have now. Being a mom is difficult but I love my little girl.

Again, I had to laugh when Haylee insisted on wearing her clown nose with her beautiful dress and shoes right before we left for the reception.

Us with the newlyweds.

Merida & Jake (Josh's brother), Us, Cami & Justin (Josh's brother), Kaysi (Josh's sister), Kayanne (Josh's mom) & David, Grandma & Grandpa.

My sick little baby. She wasn't too sick to wear her Snow White dress all day but was too sick to play. I've never seen her pass out twice in one day after taking a nap. You can tell she's not feeling so hot.

Sadly, Haylee's Beta fish, Dory, has went to fishy heaven. We had her a little over a year. I think she hurt her fin because the last few months she has had a very hard time swimming and couldn't even get to the top to get food. She was suffering so I'm glad she gave up her fight.

Hopefully this week is better than last!