Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at home eating yummy food and painting. Nice combination huh? My mom and Hannah came over and the girls had a blast playing all night.

We decided to get a head start on Haylee's new room instead of sitting around and not doing anything productive all night.

But by the time we had painted for about 3 hours we weren't so sure we'd even make it till midnight. But we did, and Haylee had more energy then all of us.

Here's Jackson so excited for the New Year. HA!

I absolutely love Haylee's expression in this picture. This was her little face right when the ball dropped and we started blowing our party horns and shouting, "Happy New Year!" She was so excited.

I'm sure most people partied well into the night but we were probably in bed by 12:15am. What can I say, we party hard.

(Don't you love the cheese ball face?)

As I look back at 2009, I smile. There were good times and bad but the good out weighed the bad this year. We were able to go to Hawaii, Disneyland, Sedona, and Vegas. We went to the Zoo, Chuck E Cheese, Suns Games, the Renaissance Festival, Coyotes Games, Disney on Ice, Starry Safari, the Circus, Broadway Palm Children's Theatre, Amazing Jake's and the Haunted Graveyard. We went to the Fair, went Camping, Swam & BBQ'd, Looked at Christmas Lights, saw the Celebration of Christmas and Rode the Carousel about 100 times. We celebrated Birthday and Anniversaries, attended Weddings and Baby Showers, spent time with Family & Friends and finally received a Positive Pregnancy Test! We spent time as a family Making Memories.

Here's to 2010! This year will bring a lot of changes to our family.