Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Heart Christmas

I just love Christmas. I love decorating. I love all the festivities that come with the holiday. I love spending time with family. But Christmas Day itself goes by way too quick. Then it's gone, for 365 more days. Sigh.

This year we spent Christmas Eve with Josh's Family.
*Yummy food
*Kid's opening gifts.
*Having fun.

Then it was time to head home so Santa could come.

*Cookies for Santa.
*Haylee tucked into bed.
*Listening for Santa to come.

9:00am Haylee awoke to go see Santa and the reindeer who she apparently thought were sleeping down stairs.

*Excitement over reindeer in stocking.
*Cinnamon rolls and cocoa.
*Present time.

Haylee loved helping Mommy and Daddy open their gifts then she'd say, "Merry Christmas" and give us a hug.

Jackson was content with his new "baby".

Haylee's favorite gifts included her cash register and new baby doll.

And she really liked her new doctor kit. She tried it out on Daddy, Jackson and the new baby doll.

Santa was good to all of us this year. I'm glad we were on the nice list!

Of course the fun didn't stop there. After nap we headed over to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with my family.

*Lots and lots of yummy food.
*Little girls in Christmas dresses.
*Tons of presents for everyone to open.

The big hit this year for Haylee was the Princess dresses Grandma got her. She loves to wear her Snow White costume and only takes it off to sleep. She no longer has to play dress up with random items. She is a true Princess now!

That night it was back to our house to open stockings. One last sweet surprise to end the wonderful day!

Then it's off to bed.

That's how our Christmas went this year. Absolutely perfect!