Friday, December 11, 2009

The New Man in Town

This is Fred. He is here with us until Christmas Eve. His job is to watch every little boy and girl in our house and report back to Santa. Of course, he isn't so well behaved himself. He seems a little mischevious and sometimes gets into things when Daddy leaves for work (and wakes him up). This idea came for the Magic Elf company but we got our elves from Terry's Village. This is such a fun tradition that we decided to start this year.

This is Fred when he arrived at our house.

He came with some treats and a letter from Santa explaining why he was here.

One morning we woke up to find Haylee's clothes thrown all over her room. Fred had been playing dress up.

Another morning we found him wrapping gifts. He even had a Mr. Potato Head Santa for Haylee.

The morning we left for Disneyland Fred was in Haylee's suitcase. He didn't want us to leave him behind. He brought her some Disney activity/color books to keep her busy in the car.

Besides the fun Fred brings to our home, and seeing Haylee's face when we find him each morning, the best part is when Haylee isn't behaving and I remind her Fred is watching her. She straightens up real fast!