Saturday, December 12, 2009

The 2 Year Old Transition(s)

Right around the time Haylee was turning 2 I started thinking about all the changes that come with being 2. Out of the 3 major changes, I thought ditching the binky would be the easiest, so I started with that. Piece of cake. One day when I put her down for a nap I just didn't give it to her. She cried a little but by the next day she didn't mention it anymore. It helped she only had her binky to sleep in the first place.

Next up would be the dreaded potty training. I started at the end of June just introducing her to it. At first she didn't get it so I stopped and waited a couple weeks. Haylee is very stubborn and will not do anything until she wants to or until she is ready. Over the next couple months it was an off and on ordeal as I waited for her to be ready. One day she just decided to go and ever since she has done amazing. We have very few accidents and she goes completely in the potty now (even #2).

Lastly, we would take off the front of her crib to make her a big girl bed. I waited to do this until she actually tried getting out, but that never happened. Instead, I want her to be ready and comfortable before her little sister arrives so this past Wednesday we did the transition. The first day (both nap and night time) she cried a little and was scared but ever since since she hasn't cried. It's a little harder to put her down now because she'll want water, to go potty, cuddle etc. but once I leave her room she's fine. I have to laugh-I told her not to get out of bed before calling for mom or dad, and especially not to get out of bed at night, so everytime she wakes up I hear, "mom, can I please get out of my big girl bed on my own?" She is too cute.

Hooray Haylee for being a big girl now!!!


the Picketts said...

i'm so glad she's such a big girl for you:)!! i'm still not ready to take my boys out of cribs b/c 1- they dont climb out & 2-they sleep good & long in them (i'm gonna wait till this lil guy is a few months), AND the potty training- you can come train my boys:)!! they are scared to go& i'm really dreading it!! they will probably have to potty train themselves:)