Thursday, December 10, 2009


After several answered prayers, we set out for Disneyland Friday morning, healthy, happy, and ready to have a wonderful time. Haylee was so good in the car both ways. I'm so thankful we have a wonderful traveler. She just snuggled with her "babies", read books, and watched movies. I had made a DVD of Christmas movies but once she saw "A Charlie Brown Christmas" it was all over from there. Let's just say we've heard that movie about 25 times now. It was on repeat the whole way home!

Friday night we went to Downtown Disney. Haylee made a dog she named Fluffy at Build-A-Bear. This was her 1st time and she loved it. She helped stuff it, put a heart in it, wash it, and dress it. She even made one for her little sister, a pink teddy bear she named Pinky.

We ate at ESPN that night which is my favorite! I love the chicken avocado wrap!

Saturday morning we were up early to get ready for Disneyland. Saturday was the nicest/warmest day with temperatures in the mid 60's (because it's our luck a huge cold front moves through when we decide to go). Even though the temperatures did dip into the 50's and 40's the rest of the time, we managed to stay warm with layers, snow jackets, hot chocolate, and gloves. Only my face was bit cold.

As much a I tried to get a good family picture at Disneyland for our Christmas cards, it wasn't happening. Haylee was very timid the entire time and wouldn't smile for pictures.

I think Haylee's favorite characters were Tinkerbell and Iridessa because they weren't actually in a full "costume". They were the only 2 she went up to by herself and actually hugged. It was very cute and she was proud of herself.

We were able to go on all the rides we wanted to. Haylee said her favorite was the Nemo Submarine ride. She also liked It's A Small World, the Tiki Room, and the Jungle Cruise which we went on twice each. Before we got on each ride Haylee would say, "it's not scary." I guess she had to convince herself the rides were fun and not scary.

Sunday morning when we woke up Haylee said, "I need to take a shower so my back won't hurt." I think she heard us talking about how we weren't going to be able to move from walking all around and carrying Haylee. She's always saying things like that to make us laugh.

When we got to Disneyland, we went straight to Toon Town where we got pictures with Donald, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie. We must have heard, "He/She's not scary. They're kinda nice" about 100 times this trip because she was very unsure of the characters this time, and had to remind herself that the characters were also okay and not scary. We saw Goofy too but she was very scared of him for some reason so she wouldn't go near him for a picture. She loved Donald and kept saying, "he's so little."

We finished up the rides at Disneyland and went over to California Adventure where we were able to go on all the rides over there that we wanted to also. Everything worked out so perfect! When we were done, we went back over to Disneyland to watch the fireworks. Haylee says, "they were awesome" and after the finale it snowed on us which Haylee also loved. What a wonderful end to out Disneyland vacation!

Haylee talked about getting a Mickey balloon for weeks before we went so she was so excited when we found them and bought her one.

Monday we were suppose to go to Knott's Berry Farm, but it was so rainy (and freezing) that they stayed closed that day. We decided to come home a day early since there wasn't anything else to do.

I just had to take a picture of this lady. I guess she was trying to protect herself from the swine flu, but it made me laugh. I thought there would be a lot more people in masks but I didn't see any others. Maybe I should have worn one since I woke up with a sore throat the morning after we got home. Oh well, I'm not gonna complain, at least we were healthy for the trip and had a wonderful time!

We love Disneyland and plan to go again (maybe) next Christmas.


Jennie said...

Disneyland at Christmas is my favorite! It was Christmas-time the first time I ever went, and there's just no comparison for me - it's so pretty and festive. Plus, I got pat on the head by a gingerbread man during the parade :)

Kaysi said...

Maybe next year we can plan a trip together :) Your pictures are too cute, especially the one with Haylee holding her balloon!