Friday, October 9, 2009

It's zoo time!

This cool down in weather has been so wonderful. I've been able to get outside and get fresh air this week instead of constantly being inside and feeling crummy. I renewed our zoo membership and we've already enjoyed going twice in the last week. Haylee loves to run around and see all the animals and I enjoy the nice weather and being able to get some exercise and talk with friends. This week we met up with Merida and the kids and Haylee had fun holding their hands and also chasing the peacocks.

Me and Haylee also made cookies this week. She loved to put the dough squares on the cookie sheet. Then we watched them bake. Then she smelled them as they came out of the oven because they smelled so yummy. And as soon as they cooled down, we each ate a few.

I just love Fall, or whatever you call this slight cool down in AZ!