Tuesday, October 6, 2009


is my pre-pregnancy figure (and now it's the, are you pregnant or just got some flab days).

is my ability to wear most of my pants (only 2 still fit, barely).

is sleeping straight thru the night (I toss and turn and have to get up to pee).

is my energy (I feel like a lump although I'm not really tired).

is my need for a nap every afternoon (which is a good thing I think).

are the days I make dinner every night (but hopefully I can tolerate it again soon).

are the days Josh gets home from work and I'm waiting to go shopping (now you know I'm pretty sick).

are the days that I didn't have to wear my sea bands 24/7 (they are my new fashion statement).

is my nausea, okay maybe not, but hopefully any day now!