Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cheetos Addiction

Seems my silly little girl has an another addiction...

For breakfast this morning I gave her a little plate with a muffin on it. She then asked, "can I have some cheetos on my plate?"

And speaking of my silly girl, lately she has been saying the funniest things. My mom is constantly saying, "I hope you're writing this down." or "You should be recording this."

For example, the other day she got up in the computer chair, pulled out the key board and said, "I need to check my email." I about died laughing.

The latest is when Josh is holding her and she says, "I want my Mommy!" and Josh will say, "what about Daddy?" and Haylee says, "what about Mommy!" I love that one.

And my favorite is when we put her in her crib for naptime/bedtime. I love to just listen to her recap her entire day to her animals and carry on conversations with them. This is when I need the little voice recorder. The other day she was talking to her bear bear and she said, "you went potty in your big girl panties? In your big girl diaper? You're suppose to go in the big girl potty." And she makes this sound between each question and it just cracks me up.

Another time she was telling bear bear, "I had to go to the doctor, and get blood taken and I was scared, but then I went to see Grandma and she gave me a sticker and a sucker and made me cookies." She has such a good memory of every detail. She didn't get blood taken though, she got a flu shot but I think she was saying that from when I had to get blood taken and I said I was scared.

I just love my silly girl!

Oh, and one more thing. I'm 11 weeks today so I'm praying (and boy have I) that this nausea will be gone when I start my 2nd trimester!