Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another!

I got a call from the OB today. My blood work came back showing I have a low thyroid problem. I asked if this was something I just had to deal with during my pregnancy and she said, "no, you will have to take medicine the rest of your life." She said to make sure I take the medicine she prescribes so that the baby will grow properly and she said that my levels will be checked again in a couple weeks. She also said this might be the cause of me feeling so sick.

I did a little research and it looks pretty common (1 in 50) for pregnant women. It said if left untreated (or if not diagnosed) it can cause miscarriage, and affect the baby's growth or brain development. After getting off the phone, letting it sink in, and doing some research, I have lots of questions to ask at my next appointment. It seems I will have to have my levels checked often during my pregnancy since they can change due to hormones and what not and my medicine will have to be adjusted.

Just one more problem to add to the list for this pregnancy. I think He knew what He was doing letting me have a smooth, uneventful pregnancy with Haylee because if my first one had been like this, Haylee might be an only child.

One postive thing, if this is what is causing me to be sick, hopefully starting the medicine will kick that to the curb. Or maybe the fact that I'll be 12 weeks Sunday might help.


the Picketts said...

I'm sorry! We'll keep you in our prayers! Hope everything goes well! You can always bring Haley over to play if you need a break! i hope the nausea goes away soon for you soon!