Friday, October 23, 2009

The Babe

Yesterday we had our 1st baby ultrasound (the other 2 were to check my cyst) and an appointment too. During the ultrasound (our regular tech wasn't there and a new girl took her place) she said everything looked good, baby is measuring about 4 in., and that it had a nice heartbeat. We go back in 4 weeks (Nov. 23rd) for a more thorough look at the baby and to find out if it's a boy or a girl. At the appointment she just listened to the heartbeat and then answered my list of questions. She told me she highly recommends the H1N1 vac. so I need to find somewhere that actually has them. She also said low thyroid can affect the brain growth and that is why they test early and start patients on medicine. Hopefully everything will be okay and at the next ultrasound the tech will see that our baby has developed perfectly and nothing is wrong. I have my thyroid levels tested again in about 6 weeks.

Here's a picture of the babe waving "hi" to us.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their continued prayers on behalf of my Grandma. Things are looking fine right now but things change from day to day. Since there were complications, her recovery will be a lot longer and harder than previously expected.

This is a picture of my Grandma, Uncle Stephen, Me, Haylee and Aunt Pat last summer when we visited Iowa.

As far as how I'm feeling....I'm seeing an improvement but still not completely feeling great. I think the thyroid medicine I'm on now is making me feel sick and cruddy so I've started taking it at night to see if that helps. I think once it kicks in and my levels are regulated I'll feel alot better, or at least I hope. I'm not as nauseous, just no energy and feeling plain blah. I'm so thankful for Josh because he has helped with everything so much. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's one in a million.

I hope to update more often as the holiday season is approaching and we'll be getting out of the house to enjoy all the festivities whether I feel great or not. Haylee is so excited about being Nemo this weekend and she asks to wear her costume everyday. She is going to be the cutest Nemo ever!


The Gotzingers said...

Aww... what a cute ultrasound picture. Glad you're feeling a lil bit better. Pregnancies are always so hard. Hang in there!!