Wednesday, March 16, 2016

California *Spring Break 2016*

We just returned from our Spring Break vacation in California where we spent 3 days at Disneyland/California Adventure & a day at the beach (kinda). Everything was going great until we started to get sick one by one.

I painted "Minnie" nails for the girls :)
We drove over Sunday and checked into our hotel. We attempted to go the beach but it was so cold and windy so we went to Downtown Disney instead and had dinner at ESPN Zone. We also got to do a little shopping at Josh's favorite store, World of Disney.

Monday we had planned to go to Disneyland but it was rainy and cold that morning. We were undecided until finishing breakfast and we decided just to go since it didn't look like it would rain much. It turned out to be great weather; a little cold but no rain. We did Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Frontierland and part of Fantasyland and left when the sun started going down since it was cold. Haylee went on Indiana Jones for the first time and loved it! Natalee's favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion. 
On Tuesday, Nevaeh woke up sick (victim #1) and we spent the day at California Adventure. We were there from open to close and got to ride the Cars ride for the first time. It was definitely our favorite; so fun!! I rode the Tower of Terror for the first time in about 13 years and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. It was so fun though and I'd do it again! Haylee went on California Screamin' for the first time but wasn't a fan. At least she was brave and tried it once. Natalee was brave and went on Soarin' Over California and pretty much every other ride except Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. We knocked out every single ride in the park except the newest ride in Cars Land because it was temporarily shut down when we were over that way. 
Wednesday I woke up sick (victim #2) and we had plans to go to Venice Beach. After walking around for a couple hours we decided to leave but everyone else stayed. I ended up going back to our hotel to lay down while Josh took the girls to see Zootopia. They said it was a great movie so I can't wait to see it. That night we went to dinner at Outback and called it a night.

Thursday my Mom woke up sick (victim #3) and we spent our final day at Disneyland. We rode the monorail over to Tomorrowland to ride all the rides there, then finished Fantasyland and Toontown before heading back over to where we started and going on some of our favorites a second time. We watched the Paint the Night parade which was phenomenal and caught some of the fireworks before heading back to the hotel. Nevaeh, Mom and I were not feeling good at all.
On Friday Haylee woke up sick (victim #4) and we packed up to head home. It was an uneventful ride home until a piece of debris from the truck infront of us hit us and left a huge circular crack in our windshield. It scared the crap out of me since it was on my side.

By the end of the weekend, it was confirmed that I had a bad cold and the other 3 had the flu. Surprising since Haylee was vaccinated but her doctor said it was only about 70% effective. At least she has a mild case since she was vaccinated but we're going on day 6 of her running a fever and feeling like crap. Not a fun souvenir to bring home from Disneyland but we made the best of it while we were there.

Haylee was my super brave girl this trip and road Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and California Screamin' for the first time. She also went on the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain which she's been on before, but loves. Haylee got cheetah print ears and Mickey earrings for her souvenir and Natalee got a fox (with a super long tail) and Mickey cheese crackers. 
The lines were great, we never waited longer than 20-25 minutes and that was rare if we waited that long. Most of the time it was a 5-10 minute wait. By the end we did 43 rides/attractions (some more than once), walked 17+ miles, watched 3 parades, the fireworks and World of Color. We ate bread bowls, churros and pineapple spears and made memories to last a lifetime! 

Next up....a girls week in Vegas with my Mom and Hannah!