Wednesday, March 5, 2014

January/February 2014

January was a crazy, busy, sick filled month.

The girls had pink eye, I had strep and Josh was still recovering from his cold. I'm pretty sure both girls were stuffy (congested) most of the month. Tis the season!

A lot of changes took place in January as well, changes I didn't like! To start of the new year it was announced at our church that lead Pastor Mark was asked to resign due to extramarital affairs. Nice. Let's just say there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Mark is what made Mission. He will be greatly missed and my heart breaks for his wife. He should be ashamed.

Also is January Haylee's teacher had to leave due to a family illness and since then Haylee has had 3 teachers but the 3rd one is the final one. What a transition. I really liked her teacher so I was sad to see her go and I'm just hoping Haylee's grades don't reflect this change.

Haylee had a Girl Scout Cookie Kick-Off at Skateland at the beginning of January. Originally neither of us were going to skate but Heidi talked us into it. What an adventure. I haven't been on skates in over 20 years probably. I did ok balancing myself but trying to keep Haylee upright was more of a challenge. She had a lot of fun though and hopefully it helped her get pumped for cookie sales.

Speaking of cookie sales, the first day was January 27th and Haylee has been busy ever since.

She sold 390 boxes of cookies in just the first week. I am beyond proud of her. Her goal was 175 boxes and she more than doubled that!
She has worked 8 booths so far and has 2 more this weekend and then she's done.
She has worked her butt off and I'm amazed at how many boxes of cookies she has sold her first year! Go Haylee!!!

Some other noteworthy events-

My Mom and I went to see Mama Mia at Gammage, wonderful show! My Mom and I also took Haylee to see Wizard of Oz and she loved Toto.

We took the girls to Disney On Ice, Rockin' Ever After.
The girls each got a light up toy and some cotton candy.
It was a very fun show! Definitely one of my favs.

The girls went to Zumba at Tracie's. Haylee said Natalee wasn't listening and doing the "workout", she was just playing and jumping in the bounce house. Busted! I think I need to do some Zumba myself after the amount of Girl Scout cookies I've eaten the past few weeks.

We are attempting our monthly family dinner and game night again this year. For January we celebrated Hector and Hannah's Birthday and I made mexican food. We also played a few board games. February we had to skip family night due to all of Haylee's cookie booths and our cruise but next weekend we're at it again and I'm so excited!

I hurt my back again in January and I think it was just a pulled muscle. I was so afraid I was going to have to endure months of pain again but thankfully I felt so much better after about a week. I'm thoroughly enjoying being pain free and even managed to find some sandals I can wear with my heel lift since flip flops are out this summer.

Us girls took advantage of Great Clips $7.99 haircut sale.
Haylee's hair grows so fast so she got a big chunk cut off.
This was Natalee's first haircut since I couldn't bear to lose those curls. She got a little trim and still has plenty of curls :)
Haylee went to Build A Bear with her Girl Scout troop and made a Thin Mint bear complete with a Daisy outfit. Such a cute idea! The girls had so much fun and Haylee sleeps with "Mint" every night.
I got to spend time with little Dakota. He is getting so big and already looks completely different from this picture.
Josh cut down our dying palm tree and now a dinosaur shadow appears on our wall everyday. For some reason it makes me laugh!
My girls love doing their homework. Ok, let me rephrase that. Natalee LOVES doing her homework.
Haylee doesn't love homework but she usually does it without complaining. I can't tell you how many times I have to google things to help her with her homework. I can't believe what she's learning in 1st grade.
I took the girls to see The Nut Job. It was a cute movie but it didn't keep Natalee's attention very well. Not one of my favs.
Kona and Charlotte are FINALLY bonding. This is huge since Kona tried to eat her the first few months after we got her. I don't think she actually wants to hurt her but rather play with her. Now Charlotte can walk around the house freely and Kona will sniff her 100 times but she's usually nice and doesn't nose her and make her flip over anymore.
We went to the Renaissance Festival for the first time in a couple years. The girls rode a couple rides, we watched a few shows and the jousting and ate lots of food!
While Natalee was sick and had to stay home from school, she played schooled with Kona. Kona even got a sticker for being a good student.
And when she wasn't playing school with Kona, she was reading books to Charlotte! I sure love my little stinker!
And then of course we left on our cruise the last week of February. We had a WONDERFUL time. I will be blogging about that very soon and hopefully staying up to date now.