Tuesday, February 4, 2014

December {Busy & Fun}

This month we took the girls to see Sleeping Beauty at the Palms.

This was the first children's theatre production Natalee was old enough to remember and they both loved it. They got autographs and pictures taken with the cast after the show.
Natalee is the brave one and goes up first with a little guidance from Haylee! lol. They crack me up.

That same day Fred returned!
He spent the month watching the girls be whinny and reporting them to Santa.
He also brought the girls goodies and got into some mischief of his own.
The girls loved to run downstairs to see what Fred did every morning as soon as they got up. Natalee became very attached this year and still asks if Fred is back yet.
We took family pictures next to the cotton fields by our house.
Merida and I met for dinner at Red Robin and then went to see Catching Fire. I've read all the Hunger Games books and I can't wait to see the last movie. Now that I saw Catching Fire I was to go back and re-read the books.

The girls wrote letters to Santa.
Sam had her shower at the park and got a lot of nice stuff. Instead of hauling all the stuff we got her down there, Mom made a cute banner with pictures instead. Baby Dakota was spoiled before he was born!
On the 9th Josh and I celebrated our Anniversary of 12 years from the day we met and starting dating. Still seems unreal.

Instead of adopting angels from the Salvation Army Christmas tree, we adopted angels from Haylee's school this year. There were a few names on the tree of children at her school who were in need this year. I took the girls to the store and they picked out 3-4 things for each little girl. I love having this tradition with the girls and they love helping those that are less fortunate.

The second weekend in December we took the girls up north. We stayed in Sedona but we went to Willams to ride the Polar Express one day and back up to Bearizona the next. Both girls really enjoyed the Polar Express this time and loved seeing Santa.
They were so excited when he gave them a bell.
We had fun at Bearizona too.
The bear in the drive thru portion was sitting up funny and there was a bear being funny in the walk thru area too.
Natalee like the little fox and even picked a fox for her souvenir.
After we finished seeing all the animals, we found some fresh snow for the girls to play in since they were dying to play in the snow!
We also took the girls to see Frozen (which is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies) and ate at the Coffee Pot a couple of times.

Ever since we got home, Kona has been on her best behavior. She's been doing so much better and barely gets sent to timeout. She still slips up every now and then and chews something up that shes not suppose to, but I think she's finally turned a corner. I don't know her exact birthday but it's sometime in January so our baby is already ONE!!! We are so thankful she is part of our family, she's such a sweetheart.
The Monday after we got home we had a surprise visit from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kris who were here visiting from Vegas for the week. We were able to see them several times and they even went looking at Christmas lights with us.

Also that week, both girls had Christmas parties at school. Natalee took cupcakes to her pajama party and made the cutest little penguin ornament.
Haylee took cupcakes too and I was able to help out with her party and make candy cane reindeer ornaments with the kids.
I love when the girls make ornaments for the tree at school. Its something special to look at year after year. Haylee made me a pot holder at school with her hand prints making a reindeer and I absolutely love it. Its too cute to use so I hung it above the stove. I love these special mementos.

The weekend before Christmas was super busy and we packed in all of our favorite traditions. Friday night we went looking at Christmas lights.
This is a tradition we do the Friday night before Christmas every year.
We started at Chris's Winter Wonderland and then went to Cherry St and the temple. We actually didn't end up walking around the temple this time because everyone was tired and cold. Chris's house is always fun and the girls love the snow.
Cherry St has always been a favorite as well and we like walking through the town of Bethlehem.
The next day was Mother-Daughter baking day.
I am officially done with this tradition. Josh decided to go golfing that morning so I spent most of the time getting the girls what they needed and keeping them busy and not even baking.
Just as well I guess, baking isn't a huge favorite for me. My favorite this year were the peanut butter fudge and lemon bars so maybe I'll stick with those next year.
The girls had a blast making pretzel kisses with Grandma.
That's a new tradition they started last year.
Sunday we celebrated Christmas with Josh's family at Jake and Merida's house.
The girls got a lot of cute things but I think their favorite was the Frozen trunk with dresses from Aunt Kaysi.
The adults did a white elephant and gift card exchange which was fun too.

Monday I helped the girls make gingerbread houses.
Haylee made a cute foam one with sparkly stickers and Natalee decorated a little mini village with lots of candy.
Every year I swear I'm never making another gingerbread house, it never stays together and is such a pain in my butt! The girls love it though.
Fred also left left this day and left the girls a Frozen coloring book and the soundtrack of all their favorite Frozen songs. Such a nice little elf.

Tuesday we went to the Christmas Eve service at Mission
and then came home to leave cookies out for Santa and the girls went straight to bed.
Oh I forgot, they opened their Christmas Eve present also which consists of pj's, a book and this year they got Disney Jr card games.
Then Josh and I got everything set up for the girls to wake up and see in the morning. Definitely my favorite part :)
Wednesday morning the girls woke up to a beautiful scene of presents, presents and more presents. Together they got a trampoline (we took them outside after they had opened everything else), the Sofia Magic Talking Castle and Tree house, Gator Golf and a Lalaloopsy little and some minis.
Haylee got  Haley Galaxy (Lalaloopsy), LeapPad2, Huge Princess art kit, Frozen Golden Book and Sofia Floating Palace book, a mermaid tail, loom band kit and a bead bracelet kit.
Natalee got a Sofia table with chairs for her room, taking Clover, Sofia magnetic dolls, Big Top Peanut (Lalaloopsy), Frozen book, a mermaid tail and a LeapPad2.
I got a couple sweaters, a jacket, a sweeper for the tile, some books and a gift card for a pedicure from Josh.
I got him a gift card to the golf store, a few vouchers for golfing, Cardinals sleep pants and cup and then I made him cute little reindeer beers!
 Kona got lots of treats and new bones.
We also opened stockings.
That afternoon we went to my Mom's to celebrate Christmas with my family. The girls got more Lalaloopsy's, Frozen and Sofia stuff and books from Dustin and Hannah. Josh and I got gift cards to Outback and Wii games from Dustin. My Mom got me some new Debbie Macomber books and a gift card to Kohl's and Josh got a gift card to the golf store and a Potty Putter, funniest thing ever!!!!
The best news of the night was Danielle and Hector sharing they are expecting in August, due on my Mom's Birthday.
I took their announcement pictures the next day and then they told all their friends. I am so excited to plan their gender reveal party and baby shower. Yay for 2 babies in our family next Christmas!
Oh and I can't forget, our house won 3rd place in the Taylor Ranch neighborhood house decorating contest. So proud of Josh's masterpiece :)
And then on December 31st at 12:14pm Dakota Matthew entered the world weighing 6 lbs, 15 oz, 19 inches long and is just the most precious baby boy ever.
And needless to say, I've had baby fever ever since!! Of course he had to come get newborn pictures right away and I was able to get a few really cute ones!!
Some other miscellaneous noteworthy events from December-

Natalee wrote all over her bed and walls.
Took the girls to see Frozen in 3D.
 Kona was a bad girl and got locked outside so when she came in we wrapped her up to make her warm.
And we booked our cruise!!