Thursday, August 1, 2013

Haylee's 1st Day of School {1st Grade}

Haylee survived her 1st day of school!

She told me "well we didn't really learn anything today." When asked what her favorite part of today was she said "unpacking everything out of my backpack when I got to school." She has 2 friends in her class from last year, Porter D. and Isabella and she got to eat lunch with Allie although she is in a different class. She said she had a lot of fun!
Picking her up was definitely NOT fun. It took 40 minutes for me just to get into the parking lot to pick her up. The line was the whole way down Barnes Pkwy to Ocotillo and I left my house 5 minutes before dismissal. I'm sure it'll get faster as everyone figures out the brand new system that was implemented.
Has Haylee even changed in the past year? Either way, she's still cute!