Monday, July 8, 2013


I finally got a smart phone! I'm pretty sure I am the last person on earth who didn't have a smart phone. I switched over to Verizon and am rocking my Iphone 4 not sure how I ever lived with one.

These past couple weeks I have pulled EVERYTHING (all of our baby stuff) out from under the stairs and have little by little started posting it online and selling it. Then this past weekend I got all 8 tubs of clothes size preemie-3T out and set my front room up as an indoor baby sale. I've had a lot of people come through the past few days and a couple more and coming to check the stuff out before I pack it away next week. I lost count but I've made close to $700. And I still have a ton of clothes left! My Mom just has herself convinced I will end up pregnant since I am getting rid of everything. It would take a miracle.

It's definitely summer time. Temperatures have already reached 118 degrees.

(my addiction)
Monsoon season is slowly approaching, just dust so far. Sam and I have taken the girls to the pool a few times, I took the girls to the zoo one morning,
and we continue to go to Summer Movie Fun every Friday. We had lunch with Aunt Roxie last week, the girls played at the splash pad a couple weeks ago,
and I took them to Bounce U for the first time too.
We also went to the circus a few weeks ago and Natalee loved the tigers and Haylee loved the elephants. Especially the baby one :)
I have a new rule, if we leave the house we have to be in the water or inside. I about die of heat stroke walking from Walmart to my car.

The girls have been driving me nuts this summer. Well, when we stay home all day. That is why I try to find places to go and things to do. I understand they get bored but the constant fighting back and forth and Natalee still getting into everything when I turn my back drives me nuts. I finally had Josh turn around Natalee's door knob for days she gets too crazy and I need to lock her in her room so we can both go to time out. Yes, it gets that bad.

I thought I had our stupid timeshare sold but the guy never responded once I sent him the transfer of ownership paperwork so it looks like we'll be traveling some more this year! So far we've been to Vegas, on our cruise, I went to Cali for a girls weekend, Josh took me to Vegas for my birthday and then we are going to Maui for a week in September. This past weekend we did our annual staycation in Scottsdale so we could swim, swim, swim! So finding time to squeeze in a few more weekend trips might be challenging but we love to travel so we'll make it work.

Charlotte is the craziest turtle I know. She seriously scratches at the back arcadia door all afternoon till we let her out. Guess she wants to be a fried turtle.

Natalee is Natalee. Beautiful little girl with adorable little curls and ornery as ever.
She loves to climb on Dad's desk, on the counters and get into the pantry. Add opening the fridge a 100 times a day, washing her hands 43 times and brushing her teeth 13 times a day and you have one stressed Mama.
Haylee misses school and spends her days reenacting Madagascar 3 and Monsters University. We took her to see that movie when Natalee was spending the night at Grandma's. I love having one on one time with the girls and they love taking turns spending Saturday nights with Grandma.
Josh started a weight loss challenge today with some guys at work. We invested in a juicer and will be juicing once a day, he's gonna stop drinking soda and start eating healthier lunches (no more fast food), he bought some weight loss pills Dr. Oz recommended and we're gonna continue going to the gym. Right now we've been going every Thursday and Josh works out while my Mom and I take the Aqua Fit class but I think that's irritating my back so I don't know if I can continue with that :( Either way, I hope Josh will follow through with all of this and have great results.

I finally got back on the Lordex decompression table last week and it finally worked. I pray this will be the answer to my constant leg pain. I need to get this disc back into place so it'll quite pressing on my sciatic nerve and driving me nuts. Now the front of my ankle burns off and on too. Just add that to the list of problems! I'm getting adjustments, massages, icing and heating my back and glutes (since that is where a lot of my pain is), doing some exercises to strengthen my back and trying to stretch my hamstrings every day which hurts so so bad. I can barely straighten my left leg let alone raise it above me. My disc catches and it causes so much pain. Its crazy to think I've been going through treatments for 6 months now.

The girls started their new swimming lessons today and they did awesome. It is amazing how well Haylee swims compared to last summer. She swims far distances, under water, jumps off the side and is a little fish.
Natalee does great blowing bubbles, kicking her legs and doing the "monkey, star, soldier" but doesn't like to go under. She does though with her teachers "guidance" and she is proud of herself once she's done with class. During class she whined a little today and got upset when she was forced to go under but it'll get better.
Today also started Legacy Week so I took Haylee to pick up her welcome packet and teacher assignment. I also got fingerprinted while I was there so I can volunteer in Haylee's class this year. I plan to help out once a week since Natalee will be in school (more on that next). I can't believe Haylee starts 1st grade August 1st!!!

And yes, thanks to Mrs. Brianne (Haylee's preschool teacher) Natalee will be starting preschool this year. I am so excited she had an opening and Natalee is so excited she gets to start school this year. I know she's only 3 and Haylee didn't start preschool till she was 4 but I know Natalee will love it. She will love the interaction with other kids and has been asking to go to school for months now. And I will love the break for 2 hours twice a week. It's a win-win situation for us all!!! And my little preschooler starts school August 6th!!!