Thursday, March 7, 2013


And we're at it again with the changes. Life sometimes gets too boring and you just gotta switch things up! So....

We bought a new car. Traded in our Sorento for this '13 Chevy Cruze and so far we love it.

We originally thought we were going to get a truck until we talked numbers at the dealership and our payment was gonna be twice what we wanted it to be. So we looked at all of our options and decided to get this 30 mpg sporty thang! Although it looks small, it has just as much room in the back seat as our Sorento and the trunk is way bigger than you'd think it would be. Plus the girls like the sun roof and our upgraded sound system so they can jam out. I think it's hilarious that it has it's own phone number. I can now give out my home phone, my cell phone and my err car these days.

And if that wasn't enough, we decided to move Natalee into a real big girl bed.
I thought of this genius idea to unstack Haylee's bunk beds because no one ever sleeps up there. So now each girls has a cute little bed and they love it. Natalee looks so little in her bed. Now they each happily go to bed with their dream lites and have plenty of room to stretch out.
(time to decorate the walls since her bunk beds are gone)
Finally, I already mentioned we sold all of our outdoor play stuff so we could buy a swing set. Well, our new swing set has arrived!!! Now poor Josh has to put it all together. So ya, hopefully the girls will get to play on it by Easter! :)