Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We had such a fun Valentine's Day. We were greeted by lots of love when we came downstairs.

We gave Haylee and Natalee books, balloons and candy.
Oh and cupcakes to share. How could I forget those? That's all Natalee talked about all day!
Josh gave me beautiful flowers and the yummiest cookie boutique.
I made him chocolate covered strawberries and took him out to dinner and a movie on Saturday (more to come).
We wrote messages on red heart balloons for Jackson and let them go for him.
And then we ate yummy heart pizza from Papa Murphy's.
Finally, Natalee got to eat her cupcake!
And so did Hannah and Haylee :)
Friday was Haylee's class party. Haylee picked out her flower Valentine's from Pinterest and they turned out super cute.
I was surprised at all the goodies she got. It use to be that you passed out a Valentine. Haylee came home with lots of suckers, candy, glow sticks etc. She had a blast!

On Saturday Josh and I went to our favorite restaurant, Outback. We had the usual, Teriyaki Sirloin and Wallaby Darned. It was so delicious! After dinner we went to see Side Effects. It was a good movie although Channing Tatum is killed in the beginning, total rip off!

I love my husband and my sweet little girls. I feel so blessed.