Monday, February 4, 2013


We finally made it to the snow this year!

We ended up going about 30 miles past Payson where we found a little pull off and spent the next 2 1/2 hours partying. This was part of Hannah's B-day surprise.
We played in the snow till the girls were freezing.
It was actually a beautiful day and really wasn't too cold. I didn't even wear my big jacket. The girls clothes were soaked so that is why they were so cold.
Then we took a lunch break which included eating pickles,
and dancing to the hokey pokey!
Then we had to go finish up our cute little snowman!
Natalee loved him so much she wanted to squeeze him.
Then Daddy karate chopped him!
So then it was time for some sledding fun. All 3 girls had a blast and their little giggles cracked me up.
After that Natalee decided to make her own snow cone because trying to eat it straight from the ground wasn't working too well.
It was a wonderful day spent with the family!
And these little cuties were so excited they finally got to play in the snow.
We sure love our sweet little girls. And we love making memories!