Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swimming Lessons

The girls started swimming lessons this week. What an adventure!

On Monday they learned how to use "monster arms", along with blowing bubbles and kicking their feet to swim.

Natalee does 10 min private lessons and cried pretty much the whole time. She went under water several times and would turn around, grab the wall and then actually pulled herself completely out of the pool which was surprising. She obviously wanted the heck out of there.

Haylee is in a class of 6 however 4 of the kids have had prior swimming lesson because they were already pretty much swimming. Haylee and 1 other girl were scared to death and cried. Haylee did what she was told though and went under once or twice.

Today Natalee did super good and barely cried maybe 2 times. She went under several times and practiced reaching for toys and floating on her back. And I think she did good because she knew she'd get a fishy cracker at the end :)
Haylee was still pretty scared today but no crying. She pretty much refuses to go into the pool when it's her turn but he pulls her in and she does great. She hangs on for dear life and reminds him 127 times not to let go of her. I don't really blame her because there are kids in her class that are clearly way more advanced and they are diving in from the side and swimming across the pool so when it's her turn she thinks she has to do that. I asked the coach if I should switch her to a private lesson but he thinks she's doing fine (or normal I guess) so we'll see.
(2 for 2nd day!)

I hate to see them cry and be so scared. But if it saves their life it's obviously worth it. I just wish I would have started Haylee when she was younger. I hope that despite how scared they both are, they still learn.