Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Recap and Ramblings

Saturday was Haylee's last soccer game. Her team, The Monkeys finished the season 3-2 and the 1st game was cancelled due to weather. Haylee made a goal the first game and continued to keep up with her team and play with all her might the entire season. We are so proud of her. The Thursday before the game her team met at Sweetie Peaz to eat frozen yogurt and receive their medal. Haylee was so excited.

Saturday night we took the girls to San Tan Mall. The girls weren't too sure about the splash pad so they mostly hung out in the play area. We had dinner by the fountain, rode the train and ate ice cream cones. The girls were pretty good and it was overall a great night!
On Sunday I took Haylee to Pinkalicious at Broadway Palm. I thought the show was funny and super cute! Haylee had a great time too and I really love taking her to all the shows there. The theatre will be going through some changes this summer and I am hoping they will continue to have children's shows because we will be so sad if they don't.
The girls have been playing outside in the evenings on the slip and slide. I am so glad it's still tolerable outside when the sun starts going down. I look forward to about 5-5:30 when the backyard is shaded and they can go release some energy outside.
Natalee's top 2 molars have finally popped through so now we're waiting on the bottom 2. They have been driving her crazy. Her naps for the most part are around 1 hour. Sometimes she'll take a 2 hour nap and when Daddy's watching her she sleeps 3 hours! lol. Figures.

I can't turn around for even 1 minute without her getting into something. Usually the fridge, my purse, Josh's desk (looking for chapstick) or the pantry if I forget to tie the handles together. She is starting to climb on more stuff and is just an accident waiting to happen. I love when she climbs in her crib though because she can't get out. Hahahahaha.
Aside from getting into things and climbing on everything, she really is a sweet little girl. She has actually been behaving better than Haylee lately which is sad because Haylee knows better. I heard Haylee on the monitor the other day telling her to take her dress and diaper off and throw all of her toys out of her crib. Natalee is so confused with what is right and what is wrong because Haylee is constantly telling her things to do that will get her in trouble.

She is talking up a storm and putting words together and she is as funny as can be.

I need to really buckle down and start potty training. I'm just dreading it so much.
Haylee is the newest graduate in town. Sassy as always and currently serving time in her bedroom for hitting her sister in the head because she didn't want to play Lion King with her. That was probably the 3rd or 4th time I've had to tell her to behave today. She loves to yell at me, talk back and give me attitude and it drives me nuts. What happened to my good little girl who use to behave? She's been missing for quite some time now.
She can be good when she wants to be and is always good when it's just me and her. It seems she gets worse when Daddy comes home and she's always worse when Natalee is around. I don't get it.

Jackson is doing great! He is now taking 5 Apocaps a day and his Prednsione, Benadryl, Pepcid cocktail. Still loves to play ball in the evening and occasionally go for walks.
Poor Charlotte became a victim of Natalee the terror the other night. She was walked around minding her own business when Natalee came and picked her up.
Then dropped her :(
I am finally finishing up my blog book from 2010. Josh (the genius) figured out how to transfer everything I've already done to my laptop and now I'm cruising through it. My old computer was just too darn slow. I couldn't get anything done on there. So now I'm trying to finish the 2010 book and I'll start on 2011. It's funny to look back at how small the girls were (and well behaved) just a year and a half ago. How times change.

Friday Josh and I are going to the Dbacks game. I got Josh tickets for his birthday since we haven't been to a baseball game in years. Hopefully we'll get to celebrate our Anniversary soon too because I have a fun day planned.

That's all for now. Time to work on my blog book.