Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yay Josh is home!!!!! He was in Florida from Tuesday-Saturday for a Dish Network convention. Luckily my Mom came over to help and we survived....barely.

While Josh was gone my Mom and I watched The Vow, Descendants and Joyful Noise. We took the girls to the mall to ride the carousel, eat lunch at Chick-fil-a and play in the play area. We took them to Jambo, made it to 2 Starbucks Happy Hours, ran errands and almost got sucked into the Haboob. We had fun for the most part and I am so thankful to have her help!

Haylee had her 4th soccer game Saturday and her team kicked butt. They won by like 5+ points. I am so proud of my Haylee girl. She is such a sport and never complains about the heat. I can't wait to get her into a variety of sports to see what she likes best. I'm pretty sure dance is next but I'd love her to do t-ball too.

Saturday I had the honor of taking Danielle's prom pictures. This is her junior prom with her boyfriend of almost 8 months. She looked absolutely beautiful.
Sadly, right when we got there I accidentally shut my mom's car door on Haylee's pinky finger. The second I shut it I realized her hand was there and I couldn't catch it in time. I felt so bad. Paybacks to me were the sprinklers coming on when I was standing in the grass ready to take pictures. Ya, me and my camera got wet!
Sunday Haylee and I had a little Mother-Daughter haircut date and my Mom came too. Haylee got about 5 inches cut off which I'm sure will grow back before school starts again. This is her 3rd haircut in less than a year and each time she gets it's chopped! I love her hair though and she looks super cute!
And speaking of school, Haylee girl only has 2 days left. I can't believe it. She has learned so much this year and she is gonna miss her teacher and little friends like crazy. She seriously has the sweetest teacher in the world. We are so grateful for her!

Jackson is doing super! He is finishing up his antibiotics and now taking 4 Apocaps a day. Nothing has changed as far as his energy etc. He loves to play ball and go for walks although it's getting super hot. This is his special treat from the bakery last week.
Natalee is talking up a storm and putting words together all on her own. Today she put her bear bear on the potty and said "bobo potty". She always pauses between the first word and the second word, it's so cute.

Natalee is addicted to Otterpops. She seriously asks for them ALL day long. I think it helps her 4 molars that are coming in which cause her to be whiny all day.

I've been spending the last few days transferring everything from my desktop to my laptop so I can take my desktop outside and beat it with a bat. I hate that stupid computer so much and I am so glad Josh bought me a laptop. Transferring pictures, documents and just customizing it has taking some time and I still have more to do. I will be happy when it's all done.

That's all the rambling for now. Time to mark some more things off my to do list!