Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yay for the 3 day weekend! And yay for beautiful weather and a ton of fun!

Our weekend started out Friday night when we went to the Dbacks game. I bought Josh tickets for his birthday and I don't think we've been there in about 5 years. We had fun despite the Dbacks losing. Kayanee & David watched the girlies and hopefully they were on their best behavior.

Saturday we finally celebrated our Anniversary. We've been married 3308 (as of today) days. And we've been together 3824 days. Pretty crazy!

Sunday we took the girls to Enchanted Island. We have never been there but I bought a deal online.I think I paid $18 and we got 4 wristbands, 4 large sodas, 1 hour pedal boat ride and unlimited Castle Clash (a water feature). When we added up what it would have cost us for all of that (about $90) we realized we got a smokin' deal and should have bought more. We had such a fun time and the girls were so good.
In fact, this is the first time Natalee has ever gone without a nap and she did really good. We rode the Train, the Carousel and Rock n' Roll a couple times each.
Then we rented the pedal boat and pedaled our way around the lake and fed the ducks.
I guess I should add that while we were waiting on the pedal boat the girls enjoyed some Otterpops. What are the odds they sell Otterpops at the Boat House?! My girls were stoked!!!
The girls also rode the Parachutes (just me and Haylee), Kiddie Cars, Mini Enterprise (helicopters) and Red Baron (airplanes). They were so happy to ride the rides over and over and it wasn't crowded so sometimes they just stayed on the ride.
They had a splash pad but our girls haven't gotten the hang of that yet. Haylee use to jump right in when she was little but now they both just stare at it. They are afraid to get wet I guess. Doesn't make sense because they aren't afraid of the pool, water table or the slip n slide at our house. I told them they better get use to it or they won't survive this summer! It's too hot to be outside if you're not in the water.
We had lunch there and the girls got cotton candy when we left. It was such a wonderful day and we enjoyed spending time with our munchkins!
Yesterday we had a pool party! Just us and the girls....in a Princess pool! Hey, it fits 3 comfortably. We had some of our favorite drinks and Josh cooked steaks on the grill. We had a lot of fun!
When I think about it, the girls have gotten so much better in just the past week. We're at a really good spot right now in life and I'm no longer dreading each day. Seriously. My life was at it lowest just a couple of months ago when we found out Jackson had cancer and the prognosis was grim. That along with constant back pain for me and 2 little girls who had turned into devils. Life has gotten so much better and I am so thankful for answered prayers. Jackson is doing great, no changes whatsoever. Haylee seems to be talking back less and giving me an attitude less and has starting helping me out more. Natalee is still getting into things but has been super sweet lately and listening a lot better. She's also gotten better at holding my hand and not running off. Well except for the 2 instances Sunday at Enchanted Island....ok maybe she needs to work on that a little more! There are things I am working on too, like having more patience (I've been working on this for 5 years!) and finding fun things for us to do during the day. I pray we make it through this summer and the horrible heat that will keep us inside for the next 5 months!

Also I have to add that Natalee has been sleeping in way late lately. She wakes up between 8-9am and usually takes a 2 hour nap. I was definitely blessed with great sleepers!