Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I tried to put a smile on my face this weekend and enjoy all the Easter festivities but it was hard. I kept thinking, I wonder if Jackson will be here next Easter to do his egg hunt and get his basket. Then come the tears which seem to come often these days. I didn't know this whole "situation" would have such an effect on me but I have just been a mess these past 2 weeks.

We started our Easter festivities Saturday morning by dying eggs with the girls. Natalee did really good this year with Daddy's help. Little to no messes!!

Then we went to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny. Natalee was really excited to see him this year. When we'd say "do you wanna go see the Easter Bunny?" she'd scream "yaaaaaa!".
That afternoon we took some pictures at the park and then went to my Mom's for dinner.
The objective of the "photo shoot" was to capture a wonderful picture of our entire family (including Jackson) and I was happy with how it turned out!
The girls did an egg hunt at Grandma's and dyed eggs there too, naked baby style.
On Sunday the girls (and Jackson) woke up to find the Easter Bunny had come!
I took videos of Jackson doing an egg hunt and then the girls did their egg hunt too (for some reason the videos won't load). It was a little chaotic because Natalee was a whiny mess. We stayed home the rest of the day and took a 3 hour family nap and spent time with Jackson.