Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweetest Teacher Ever

Just when I was losing my cool yesterday I received the sweetest email possible-

"I have been meaning to tell you this for weeks. I LOVE HAYLEE!!! I'm sure people tell you how great she is all the time. But from a woman who has been around LOTS of children: She is the sweetest, happiest kid I've ever seen! Can I just drop my children off to you, and pick them up after you've raised them? You are doing such an awesome job with yours! Thanks for sharing Haylee with me!"

Haylee has the sweetest teacher. I just wish Haylee behaved half as good for us! It seems like kids always behave better around other people.

And how sweet to say I'm doing an awesome job. I sure don't feel like I am. Being a parent is the hardest job!!!!