Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life's Not Always Peachy

This week has been horrible. I feel like a nervous breakdown is in order.

I went to the Doctor today after 5 weeks of back pain to finally get some relief. I have what is believed to be a torn/strained ligament. I am suppose to start physical therapy and take an anti-inflammatory for 4 weeks and hopefully that will do the trick. I was hoping she'd put me on strict bed rest but no such luck.

I made an appointment to take Jackson to see the Oncologist next Thursday. We'll go over what the next step should be and get a quote from him. I don't like the word Oncologist by the way. The word cancer sucks too.

Haylee has the worse attitude I have ever seen. She talks back constantly and pesters her sister. We've been disciplining her by sending her to her room. She spends most of the day/night in there. Ok, not most of her time, but it seems like she is sent there every 2 minutes and it never phases her.

Natalee is just her naughty little self. She screams (high pitched shrill) at the top of her lungs. She constantly throws her food on the floor. She now hops the gate downstairs and goes upstairs. Yesterday she rolled down the 2nd set of stairs and landed against the gate, didn't even cry. I have tried time out but she won't stay in the corner and when I tell her to get back in the corner she laughs. I put her in her crib in timeout tonight and when I came to get her she had ripped a nice chunk of her wallpaper off.

Do you see why I am on the verge of loosing it? I don't remember Haylee being as devilish as Natalee or maybe it's because I have 2 now and the fact that both of them are misbehaving it makes it 10 times worse. I feel like all I do is yell and punish them all day long. It's exhausting.

Life sucks right now. I'm throwing myself a pity party then I'm going to bed.