Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We finally made it to the zoo today! The weather was beautiful, the girls were great and we had a perfect day, just me and my girls!

These were some of the girls favorite animals this time.
Haylee LOVES peacocks. Not sure why or how that got started but she loves them. Sad thing is, we rarely see them in the zoo since they are wild. Today we saw one in the orangutan exhibit and it was sure beautiful. The jaguar was awesome today. He was sitting in a tree just staring at us. The girls were talking and waving at it and it just stared. Then eventually closed it's eyes and went to sleep. Haylee loved seeing the huge tortoises. She can't believe that someday Charlotte will be that big. Lastly, the girls love feeding the ducks and the squirrels. These animals are not shy and come right up to them to eat. I have to keep an eye on Natalee so she doesn't loose a finger. The ducks can get a little crazy.

I love the weather right now. It's awesome. I've been taking the girls on walks and to the park and I wanna try to be outside and enjoy the weather everyday for the next 3 months. Because after that we will have to hibernate until Christmas.

I love my sweet little girls. They mean the world to me!