Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Natalee has 12 teeth now.Haylee likes to sing nursery rhymes with me to Natalee at nap time.
Both girls have been waking up past 8am this last week!

Natalee sounds like a sheep. She walks around shouting "Ba. Ba, BAAAAA!" She also says "bucka bucka bucka (quietly) and then shouts "BA!!!" She's a nut.

We have a rat outside we named Templeton. Josh said he saw "droppings" in his little shed but it wasn't till the other day that we knew where the "droppings" came from. Josh was looking out the window and said "is that a bird or something?" and I said "no, that's a frickin' rat." Sure enough, it ran off and back over to the shed. Of course Haylee told Grandma we have a "frickin rat" and she says she wants to keep him. I thought, whatever, as long as he stays outside and doesn't bother anyone. Well, Wednesday night I was downstairs on the computer late at night and I heard the dog door flap. I looked down and Jackson was next to me. I immediately freaked out. I don't know if the frickin' rat came in the dog door or not but now I'm scared he will. We might have to take of this rat problem after all.

With 150,000 people loosing their power for 8+ hours yesterday thanks to an explosion at SRP, I am so thankful we weren't one of them. I was able to open my air conditioned house to my family who did loose theirs. I also go to shop at Fry's when they lost their power. I didn't know till I got there, and it was quite the adventure. It was dark, silent and all the freezer sections were taped off. I was only going for Kool-Aid and Hefty bags so I was ok. And the registers worked. I don't know if the credit card machines were working or not, I only had to pay 4 pennies for all 15 items I bought (more on that Monday).

Josh is still workin' 13+ hours a day. He now makes about $7 an hour :/ I'm currently a single mom and I'm not loving it but at least he has a job (that's what I tell myself). It just gets very stressful when I'm home all day every day with both girls so I try to at least get out a little bit but it's really too hot to do anything or go anywhere. It's time to find fun indoor places to go. Yes, I'm whining.

My Mom, Dustin and Hannah are going to California this weekend. I don't know whether to be jealous I'm not going to California Adventure or thankful I'll be inside in the AC and not standing in line with hundreds of people to ride rides. I am planning our October vacation to California to take my mind off of it.

I have been to Fry's 4 times this week. Maybe I should get a job there.

It is hotter than heck. 116 degrees is so not cool, especially when Josh is a vendor Monday at Schnepf Farms. I wanna take the girls but I'm thinking I'll go 1 hour before the fireworks so we don't die of heatstroke.

We did take the girls to the Sea Life Aquarium last weekend to get out of the house yet stay inside the AC. I probably won't go again unless it free. Not worth what we paid.

I love Chase today. My house payment went down $28 and they are sending me a surplus check for $480. That made my day.

Ok, done rambling. I have things I need to get done before Baby N wakes!