Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-8...boy do I feel old! Although my day did not start out great (Haylee had a bloody nose and there was blood everywhere) it ended very wonderful. I felt so loved.

My Mom took us out for dinner at Red Robin.
My sister came too! Our server was so nice, he brought me out a sundae and sang to me and Haylee clapped and sang along, she was so excited.
I told him her birthday was next week and he surprised her and brought her out her own sundae and sang to her!
She told them "thank you sooooo much" and they laughed at how hilarious she is.
Baby N enjoyed the "party" and especially enjoyed the ice cream.
After dinner we walked right over to Krisy Kreme so that I could get my free dozen doughnuts!
I laughed so hard at the girls wearing their hats. It just cracked me up!
When we came home, Josh and Haylee snuck out to the store and brought me back a balloon and flowers. Beautiful bright color daisies that Haylee picked out. Haylee also made me a card and Josh taped a picture inside the card of the Nikon lens I told him I wanted the day before. He said he'd buy it for me!
We busted out the Krispy Kreme's and Natalee wasted no time "digging" in!
I have the best husband, girls and family! Thanks for making my birthday extra special!