Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Weekly Deals 5/1-5/9

This weeks My Weekly Deals will be easy. I already showcased my Fry's run on Sheryl's site if you wanna see the details.
I bought 83 items. Paid $19.99 and saved $108.16.

I was able to find the Clean & Clear body wash at Walgreen's which is free this week. They are B1G1 Free and I had B1G1 Free coupons which makes them all FREE and I just paid tax. Not that it was as easy as it sounds. I had to educate Walgreen's about their coupon policy first!
Lastly, Safeway has the BEST deal on juice (ending today). Their Welch's Essentials are $1.49 when you buy 4 and I ordered $1/1 coupons (because they were regional and AZ didn't get them) which made for .49 juice!! And these are the big 64 oz. size. This was my favorite deal this week! While I was there I picked up a couple Dasani that were also FREE after my .50/1 coupons. Yummy FREE water!
Oh, and I more thing. I was excited to finally order the 2011 Entertainment Book. Sheryl posted a deal yesterday to get it for $12 with FREE shipping and I got 40% cash back for going through Shop at Home. I've been waiting for a deal on these because it pays for itself super fast.

You can check the matchups on Sheryl's site to see where I found the coupons to score these great deals. I advise you to visit her site once a day so you don't miss out on awesome deals!