Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Haylee Girl

Haylee went to the dentist last week. This was her 2nd time to that office. The first time she did great. She let them do xrays, was a little nervous about the cleaning but held still and let them do what they needed too. This time, not so much! She let them do xrays on the front teeth but didn't like the lady shoving the plastic thing far back on the side of her mouth. She freaked out about the cleaning which I kinda understand because they gagged her twice and she is deathly afraid of throwing up. She did let the actually dentist count her teeth and paint the protectant stuff on, but she was just a mess this time around. On a positive note, she is in the no cavity club for the 2nd time in a row!!! And she got a Cinderella toothbrush. She was telling me the night before she wanted a Tangled toothbrush and I told her they wouldn't have any because that movie is too new. She told me "well they can go online and buy it!" She's pretty smart. She knows I can find anything online.

We've been having major issues with Haylee and her attitude lately. I'm thinking about looking into a 3 month summer camp! :) It seems all she does is scream at me at the top of her lungs, argue with me and be mean to her sister. I'm constantly putting her in time out all day long and it's really stressful and ridiculous. I don't know what to do anymore. The only thing that seems to phase her is telling her I'm taking back one of her Tangled birthday presents or that she's not getting a party at all. That's when she gets really mad! Terrible 2's, Terrible 3's....please tell me there's no such thing as Terrible 4's or I may not survive another year! And just to think I still have Natalee to go through these little "phases". I think I'll get my tubes tied!

Onto more positive Haylee news...Haylee loves to draw and color. She has a little craft area in her room now and she'll happily go upstairs and just color, play with stickers and do whatever her little heart desires. I love those quite times!

She can be the sweetest little girl when she wants to be. Some days she'll constantly tell me she loves me and other days she'll say, "I don't want my Mommy anymore." How sad is that. This picture just goes to show that all that screaming and hollering can really wear a little girl out!
(She passed out on the couch last night before Josh could put her to bed)