Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Ramblings

So I skipped my Friday Ramblings last week because I was too busy getting ready for a birthday party and I didn't have time to ramble. I also skipped My Weekly Deals but that's because I didn't have time to hunt down deals last week. But....I'm back on track now!

I spent this week taking kiddos to last minute doctor/dentist appointments. Our current insurance runs out tomorrow and we won't have our new insurance till August 1st. Yes, I'm nervous and yes my kids are living in a bubble till then.

This morning I ran some errands with the girls. Library, Circle K, 99 Store & Safeway. I'm slowly getting out more and more and I love it. Too bad it'll be 120 degrees soon and I'll be back to staying home everyday.

Josh went to the eye doctor recently and picked out his first pair of glasses. He has needed them for quite some time and finally got them. They haven't came in yet but I may post a picture once he gets them :)

Josh is doing his first vendor event tonite at the San Tan Heights Carnival. He'll have his little booth set up signing people up for Dish Network and Direct TV. Helping people save money!

Haylee girl is still in the no cavity club. Details on that to follow soon.

Haylee's attitude has hit and all time high these past 2 weeks. She screams at me, argues with me and is mean to her sister. I don't know what to do with her.

Haylee & I went to my niece's dance recital last night. She did great and Haylee had fun finding her on stage and watching all the girls dance. She said she wants to take dance lessons now.

Natalee has been dealing with her molars coming in and hasn't been too happy about that.

Natalee is also walking more and more and even has a new bruise on her forehead to prove it! Daddy said she hit the chair.

Jackson got a shower this week. He's loosing his winter coat and is as furry as can be. HIS HAIR DRIVES ME NUTS. Too bad I remembered Josh took the hand held sprayer off after I already had Jackson in the shower. Turned out to be an adventure to say the least.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Home Depot to get some new plants since some of ours never came back from the winter freeze. Haylee wants a rose bush.

Looks like we might also be tv shopping because our big screen has bit the dust. Haylee was watching a new movie I rented for her today and I thought I accidentally got a 3D movie. Nope, just the dumb tv going out. I told Josh we should just invest in 3D glasses because they're cheaper.

Josh doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning a GNO tomorrow night with my Mom. A much needed break is in order. I think we're gonna go see Soul Surfer.

That's all the rambling I have time for because my sweet little Natalee is awake from her nap!