Friday, January 7, 2011

To do list

I started making a "special" to do list a couple weeks ago because I knew Josh was going to have this whole week off. Needless to say we have been cleaning and organizing a lot around here. I cleaned and organized the girls rooms/closets, our closet, my craft room, and the office. We got all of the Christmas stuff put away, and I got several others things done like giving Jackson a bath, making cupcakes with Haylee, going to the ortho. and eye doctor. It's amazing how much you can get done when you have a helper.

Funny story. I had just went through my side of the closet and got rid of some clothes. Josh then proceeded to do the same. I think Josh has always had more shirts than me. He did get rid of a lot and then came over to my side and said that I now have more than him. I tried to explain, "well, I have to have 3 stages of clothes. The normal (pre pregnancy) clothes, the pregnancy clothes, and the post pregnancy clothes." He said, "well I have the pre 44 oz'r clothes and the post 44 oz'r clothes." I just laughed! And by the way, Josh will be starting P90X again Monday and I'm gonna try out 30 Day Shred.

We've had a fun week taking the girls to the mall and the zoo and going out to dinner and lunch, but now it's time to crack down. Our "new year" starts Monday. I don't really have any resolutions this year. It seems I make the same ones every year and never stick with them. I did however learn to save more and spend less this past year...finally! So for 2011 I'm gonna just try to better my life and better our family situation. Meaning, cut back on drinking soda, only go out to eat 2-3 a month (for date nights etc.), continue to save money by coordinating sales and using coupons, and maybe exercise a little. Those are all pretty reasonable. I have made a 2011 budget and have allowed myself $50 a week for groceries, diapers and toiletries. Most of you know that Fry's ended their awesome promotion so this budget might be difficult to keep but I'll do my best. For example, I rocked Safeway this past week stocking up on 10 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars and 24 boxes of fruit snack all for under $2. Not bad. I plan on hitting CVS this coming up week to stock up on Finish Dishwashing Tablets. They will be a $8.75 money maker! So there are still awesome deals out there.

Oh, and before I stop babbling, did you notice my beautiful blog makeover? I would have had it all done within an hour but blogger changed some minor things since the last time I reconstructed everything so I had to figure things out on my own. Embedding this, html code's a lot of work. I must say I love how the header turned out. I feel very accomplished. That was on my to do list too!

Ok, going to watch a movie now. I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite girls.

Looks like they get along great huh? Well I do believe that this picture was taken shortly after Haylee put Natalee in a headlock and Natalee started crying. Poor baby N. Soon you'll be able to hold your own.