Sunday, December 12, 2010


Last weekend we took the girls and headed up to the Sedona for a family getaway. We spent Saturday in Flagstaff and it was a little chilly, but the weather in Sedona was beautiful. Oh, and off the subject, what is up with the record highs the next few days? 80 degrees in December, seriously?

So Saturday we ate at the Coffee Pot (we go every time we're in Sedona) and then headed to Flagstaff. We went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm for the first time.

All I can say is Awesome! It's crazy how we search and search for deer while camping yet there were tons all around us roaming free.

When we first walked in, one deer grabbed Haylee's bow out of her hair and ate it.

Guess he was starving. After that, the deer would only come up to us if we fed them.

After the food was gone they kinda stayed away. It was still awesome to be able to pet and feed deer.

Haylee & Natalee liked looking at the deer and touching them, but not feeding them.

They had other animals there you could pet also. Camels,

miniature horses, donkeys, reindeer,

llamas, and a big elk.

Haylee was so excited that she got to pet Santa's reindeer. We had so much fun there. That was probably the best part of the trip!

After that, we had to find a patch of snow for Haylee to play in.

Last year she wanted nothing to do with the snow but this year she was armed with her new Belle hat and mittens and wanted to play.

We found a bit on the side of the road so her and Josh got out to play for a few minutes while I took pictures.

After dinner, we headed back to Sedona for some jacuzzi tub time!

Sunday we stayed around Sedona. We went to a favorite spot of ours, the trout farm. Haylee loves to feed the fish.

Then we found a park so the girls Josh could play.

Haylee loves slides and Natalee even tried one out.

She was having a blast too! Then she decided to play in the leaves. I love her sweet little face!

We headed home Monday. I'm thankfully for the uneventful car rides. I love creating memories with my little girls. I hope they enjoy all the fun things we do as much as Josh and I do!