Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Josh has worked for PBS (Pulte Building Systems) for almost 5 years now. When he started out as a plumbing assistant there were around 45 superintendents and assistants (just in plumbing). Today there are 6, but soon to be 0.  I am so proud of Josh for being such a hard worker and making it this far. He has survived a ton of layoffs and I have no doubt he'd be working for PBS for years to come if they didn't have to shut down. Doesn't matter if you're one of the best employees when the company goes under I guess.

April 22, 2011 will be Josh's last day of work. There will be no retention bonus if he stays till the end. If he does stay, he'll get about 5 weeks worth of pay for his severance. He was told that he is at the top of the "food chain". They tried to find him a position on the Pulte side but there is just nothing right now. They are letting guys go over there too. The are expecting to pick up next year and said if any job should come available Josh would be the first one to get it.

How do I feel? Well, I'm glad they chose him as 1 of their final employees. It's nice to have a 5 month warning to look for another job. I pray Josh will make the best decision regarding his work when another job comes forward.

We appreciate all the prayers. Josh is such a hard worker and I know he'll do whatever it takes to provide for our family.