Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kohl's Stock Up

Remember last year around this same time when I hit the clearance at Kohl's? Well guess what? I did it again! I must have been to Kohl's half a dozen times in the last couple weeks. They really know how to get you. First we went with just 15% off right when they brought all the clearance out. Then, a couple days later I get a 30% off so I went a few more times. Then I got $10 off coupons to use with the 30% off so of course I had to go again. I was hooked!

(This was my 30% off trip)

I got Haylee some clothes for next summer along with some swimsuits and shoes. Natalee got a few new shirts and matching ones also to go with Haylee. I am loving the fact I can dress the girls the same. I bought 5 winter shirts that match too! The joy of having 2 little girls :)

I think I'm about done with Kohl's now. I feel I've bought just about everything they had that was a good deal. Obviously Josh did too. He has more shirts than me!