Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Haylee Happenings

Where do I start.....

Haylee is a goofball. She learned to cross her eyes and now she does it all the time. Kinda creepy.

She is doing better with Natalee. Now that Natalee will talk to her, Haylee likes her a little more I think. There are still jealousy issues and Haylee will still come up and poke and prod at her. It's very sad and Haylee gets sent to timeout which doesn't seem to faze her. Haylee loves to help me out when it comes to sister though. She'll happily get me a burp cloth or turn a light off for me. I love that she's a very good helper, just wish she was a little nicer to sister.

I love that Haylee is honest. When I hear Natalee scream and I ask her what she did, she'll say, "I pinched her." Even though she knows she'll get in trouble, she in honest. Not sure how long that will last.

Just the other week, she realized she can play when its nap time. I heard her making noise and I went in there to find her naked putting on her "Ariel outfit" (more on that later). It scared the crap out of her and she started crying. I told her that when it's nap time she needs to lay down and go to sleep and she can play when she gets up. It has been working ever since. Whew!

About Ariel. Well, for the last couple of weeks she has been obsessed with The Little Mermaid. She'd watch it on repeat all day long if I let her. She pretends she's Ariel by wearing a swimsuit top and her underwear. She always wants me and Natalee to "watch her swim" and run around. She says I'm Flounder and sister is crabby (Sebastian). I'm surprised she didn't say I'm the crabby! For Halloween she is going to be Ariel and Natalee is going to be either Flounder or Sebastian. Depends on which costume I can fine.

I now believe that the TERRIBLE 3's are waaaaayyyyy worse than the TERRIBLE 2's. Haylee is just out of control sometimes. She'll scream and holler and whine about the stupidest stuff. I'm always telling Natalee she better not act like her sister when she gets older. When Natalee falls asleep in the car she'll start yelling to wake her up. I try not to ever tell her to be quiet because sisters sleeping because then she's loud on purpose. I don't know how I'll survive this year!

Haylee has a bedtime routine that she has to follow to a T. She gets her pj's on, brushes her teeth, gets a drink of water, puts chap stick on, and goes potty. Then if she's been good (hardly ever) Josh will read her a book. If not, he just cuddles. (I feed Natalee and put her in bed at the same time). Then she has to have her light on in the closet with the door cracked, fan on, no toys or books out and gate up. Oh, and a kleenex. If you fail to follow the routine or leave something out, she'll let you know! If there is something out of the ordinary in her room she'll open the door and throw it over the gate. She started becoming silly with things being in her room when we took the side off the crib and made it a big girl bed way back when. At nap time she has started letting me leave the gate off and then she just comes downstairs when she wakes up.

Haylee can be the sweetest little girl when she wants to be. I love her so much. She always makes us laugh, and is really into pretending. She loves to play waiter, take our order and bring us food. I can't wait till she is 4 and my little Princess returns for good. A girl can hope anyway!