Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Girls

What do you do when it's 116 degrees outside and humid as heck? Definitely stay inside! Poor Haylee girl was outside with Josh for maybe 10 minutes and when she came in her cheeks were red and she was all sweaty.

Lately, Natalee has been very interested in her toys. She likes her swing now and will just stare at the little animals that go around and around.

She also likes the mobile in her crib, and the toy bar on her car seat. And it's funny to watch her try to hit the swinging animals dangling from her bouncer. She looks so serious. She loves to suck on her hands a lot too.

I thought it meant she was hungry, but when I try to feed her she's not interested. She just likes her hands. And she noticed the TV the other night. She was very tuned into the Bachelorette. She is such a sweet baby!