Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scrawny & Pork Chop

This is Scrawny-

She went to her 3 year old well check yesterday and she is..... well, scrawny. She weighs 26 lbs. (10%) and is 36 inches tall (25%). She is our skinny mini but the doctor sees no need to worry. She's a typical 3 year old. She had to get 1 shot, but only cried for a minute.

This is Pork Chop-

She on the other hand is pleasantly plump. At 2 months, she weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz. (75%) and is 22 1/2 inches long (50%).

Things to remember-

*Wearing size 1 diapers.
*Wearing 0-3 month clothes.
*Sleeping great! Started Baby Wise Saturday and she's back to taking great naps and is sleeping through the night (8-9 hours). We put her back in our room in the bassinet and we are still swaddling her.
*Nurses great still and we also supplement with formula when she's still hungry (milk supply is low). When I give her just a bottle she'll usually drink 4 oz.
*She's a very happy baby. She always smiles and has started "talking" a lot lately.
*She still has big, blue eyes which I hope do not change.
*Loves baths. Just sits there quietly taking it all in.
*She loves to watch Haylee. She just wishes Haylee was a little more quiet and gentle with her. 
*Doesn't like shots! She had to get 2.
So do you think they look alike?
Both girls were 2 months old in these pictures. I put Natalee in the same outfit Haylee was wearing to compare how they look!


iheartmesa said...

Your girls are adorable. I especially like the baby in the swimsuit pictures. Too cute. ~Marily