Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night we took Haylee to the mall to ride the carousel and play in the play area. This is her favorite thing to do, doesn't cost much, and we can spend a couple hours there. So it seems we end up there at least twice a month.

Saturday we took the girls to see the new Shrek movie. Natalee cried out a couple times (in her sleep) which meant I watched most of the movie standing by the doors ready to make a mad dash if she woke up and started to scream. Haylee liked it, it was cute, but I think I liked the other 3 better.

Sunday we went to my nephew's birthday party. It's so hard to believe my nieces are 15 and 16 and my nephew turned 12. Where has the time gone? We thought it was going to be a no nap day for Haylee, but she was so tired and wanted a nap so she got a late nap that day.

Monday we went to Steve & Kaysi's to spend time with Josh's side of the family, swim, and eat yummy food. That marked the start of swimming for Haylee & Josh (I still have 1 week left till I'm allowed) and they had a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Merida and I sat and watched everyone swim while we held the babes. Kaleb is just 5 weeks older than Natalee so I think they are gonna be little buddies.

Fun times!