Thursday, June 3, 2010

Being Prepared

This is what I call being prepared....

Thanks to Fry's & Huggies and their awesome deal on diapers, I was able to buy 26 bags of diapers, all for about $4.50 + tax. The only bad thing(s)....I could only buy 2 bags of diapers per transaction to get Huggies' instant savings so I spent quite some time at the self check out and I'm sure Fry's hates me. Also, only allows you to print their coupons ($3 off per bag of diapers) twice, so I had to get everyone and their mom (literally) to print these coupons for me.

$8.99 each ($17.98)
-$3 instant savings
-$6 (2- $3 off coupons)
=$8.98 ($4.49 a bag)

I'm pretty sure we are set for a year couple months now! Have I mentioned just how many diapers we go thru? Sometimes I change about 3 in 5 minutes!