Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Even though my Dad isn't here for me to spend Father's Day with, he is never far from my thoughts. I am so thankful I was blessed with a wonderful Dad who loved me very much and who always made me laugh. I am so thankful I had 15 years to create wonderful memories with him. I know I will see him again someday, but until then, I'll just continue to send my love up to him....

Josh, I am so thankful you are the father of my children. I love watching you play with Haylee and how her face just lights up every time you do the happy dance or carry her around like a parrot. I love how patient you are with Natalee and how you love to hold her and have her sleep on your chest. Our children are so blessed to have you in their lives, and I am too. Thanks for being such a wonderful Dad!

Jim, I am so thankful for the wonderful example you have been to Josh all of his life. He is a wonderful man because of you. I am so thankful you have always treated me as one of your own and have always been so kind to me. You are a wonderful father-in-law!