Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miss & Not Miss

Since this pregnancy of mine is coming to an end I wanted to remember the things that I will and will NOT miss after Miss Natalee arrives.

I will definitely NOT miss-

*Hot flashes
*Nausea- still having some morning sickness and I'm about to deliver-nice!
*Aches & Pains
*Tossing and turning and getting up to pee all night.

I will miss-

*Feeling Natalee move all around in my belly.
*Going to our Dr. appointments to hear her heartbeat.
*Seeing her squirm around during ultrasounds.
*Watching my belly grow.
*Being able to eat a lot and not feel too guilty.
*Watching my belly move when she has hiccups and when she rolls around.

I am sad this pregnancy is ending. Although it was more difficult than my first it still wasn't too bad. These past couple weeks I have been pretty uncomfortable but I can handle it.

I look forward to meeting our sweet little girl in just a few days. I wonder if she'll have a lot of hair like Haylee did when she was born.

(Haylee the day she was born)

I wonder if she'll have blue eyes like her Daddy or brown eyes like her Mommy and Haylee. I wonder if she'll end up a good sleeper like Haylee, sleeping 7-8 hours by 6 weeks. I wonder if she'll be as active and constantly on the go like Haylee or if she'll be a calmer child. I guess we'll find out soon. Only 3 days till we head to the hospital!