Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Game Plan

Today I had my last OB appointment. That is crazy for me to believe. I haven't gained any more weight so I'm still up 31 lbs. I might just gain a little less this time around! After the exam Dr. H said I'm dilated to 2, she's head down, in position and everything is perfect and ready to go! Per Dr. H, the plan is for me to check into the hospital Sunday night, get the pitocin started, get my epidural and then just chill and sleep. He'll see me Monday morning around 6am to break my water unless I go faster on my own over night and then he'll see me sooner to deliver Natalee. There was no mention this time to head to the hospital if I go into labor on my own so I think he thinks Natalee will wait till Sunday. Obviously if I have contractions before that, I will just head to the hospital and go from there! I feel a lot better after talking to Dr. H. He is such a wonderful doctor and I know I'm in good hands.

After leaving the office (of course) a bunch of questions started to pop into my mind. Like, how far can I dilate (or progress) without my water breaking? I know with Haylee I didn't really progress until he broke my water, but then again this is my second baby. I do like the idea of getting checked in and getting my epidural way ahead of time so I can relax and not worry about the pain. I have a feeling things will start "moving" along after he breaks my water like last time, but all I can do is sit back and see.

So that's it for now. I will be putting updates on my Facebook page throughout the night if you care to track my progress. 5 days to go!