Tuesday, April 13, 2010

261 Days

I've been pregnant 261 days so far! Looking back, the beginning was a little rough, I was sick for months, I was diagnosed with low thyroid and it just seemed like one thing after another. Maybe it was more difficult for me since my pregnancy with Haylee was so uneventful and easy. Like every other hurdle in life, I got through it and it seems the last few months have been pretty easy. In the beginning, this pregnancy was totally opposite from the 1st, I thought for sure I was having a boy. Now, the 2 pregnancies are more similar. I think I might actually gain more weight this time around though but I'm happy to report no stretch marks so far, so I'm not complaining!

I can't believe it's almost time to see our little girl. The months went by so slow at first but now that the end is near, I feel so rushed. 2 weeks from today we should be coming home with our little girl, it's hard to imagine. I don't expect things to be easy, in fact I'm scared how Haylee will react. Sometimes she seems so excited when we talk about her little sister and other times she wants nothing to do with the subject. I just pray she'll adjust well like she does with mostly everything else.

I've been asked by a couple people why I chose to be induced and if there is something wrong so I thought I'd address that here. Nothing is wrong, in fact at the last ultrasound she looked perfect! I was induced with Haylee the night before my due date (I had her on my due date) because my Doctor was leaving the country and it was important to me to have him deliver Haylee. Everything went so perfect, a very smooth, easy labor & delivery. Here's a little timeline on how things went:

*8pm- Pitocin was started. I was dilated 1-2 cm.
*11:15pm- Dr. Huff broke my water. Still at 2cm.
*11:45pm- I got my epidural. Didn't hurt at all =)
*12:30am- I was dilated to 4cm and 90% effaced.
*2:10am- I was dilated to 7-8cm.
*4am- I was fully dilated to 10cm.
*4:15am- Started pushing.
*4:33am- Haylee was born.

I can only pray things go as uneventful and smooth! I realize that labor is harder and more intense being with Pitocin but as long as I get an epidural, and it works, I should be fine. I think that is what scares me the most, being in a lot of pain. I didn't experience that with Haylee. So since it went so wonderful the first time around (being induced) I figured I'll try it again. Can't hurt to try!

That's all the rambling I'll do for now. As of tonight, we are all ready for her to come. I have my hospital bag packed, Natalee's bag, the car seat is in, and my list of stuff is done. The only thing I have left to do is make some freezer meals and get a pedicure!