Friday, January 22, 2010

State of Emergency

I have thoroughly enjoyed the weather this week. The rain everyday was very much needed in our dry desert state. Yes, yesterday was a bit tense as the worse part of the storm passed through. Towns flooded, freeways and streets closed, and flights cancelled. Lots of rain in the valley and lots of snow up north. Parts of Sedona were even evacuated as Oak Creek was expected to flood parts of town.

Here in Queen Creek we just got some wind-

And some rain (3.23 inches according the the news)-

and some tornado watches. Luckily nothing became of those "watches" yet that was probably the scariest part for me.

Hearing our state be declared a "State of Emergency" sounds like we had a tornado rip through our state or something. We had rain, and some wind. It's kinda funny to see how some Arizonan's react when we get some rain. I know it's rare, but all this hype seems a bit excessive. Especially the "I survived the Arizona tornado scare of 2010" group forming on Facebook. That's the best by far!